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Imaginovation benefits companies of all sizes, but our sweet spot is small to midsize companies. Our imaginovation process allows us to develop innovative solutions no matter your budget size. 

Some examples include:

Dow Jones Reprint Services Our team designed and developed the first online digital reprints services system (as copyrighted by Dow Jones & Co.) that reduced their overhead by more than 65% for both The Wall Street Journal and Barron's reprints. The system allowed users to select, layout and digitally print selected articles. Before we developed the system, we were producing reprints for Dow Jones manually until we said "There must be a better way". 

Auxilium Stendra Launch The Stendra brand team asked us to take a new look at an ED treatment challenger to the the "big brands". Our team developed strategy that was the first to focus on women as partners also affected to stand out in this large crowd. We always look at a challenge from all angles to uncover opportunities not often seen.  

Merck Gardasil Launch Our team developed the winning digital strategy for the First Cancer Vaccine in the world that included the "Tell Someone" and "Make The Connection" campaigns. Both went viral within months of launching and helped make the Gardasil launch a tremendous success for Merck. Our strategy included social media engagement and a rich media banner that allowed users to send eCards directly from the banner.  

VR Hospital Hand Washing Hospitals lose $4.2 million dollars a year on average to infections directly related to poor hand washing training. Our VR development team created a VR hand washing protocol application that trains using all the up-to-date protocols and can actually map and collect data on efficiency of technique, enabling hospitals to correct bad habits resulting in a savings of over $40,000. Our team developed the application to accept any protocol including WHO and CDC. 

AR CPReality One of the challenges in CPR training is giving the trainee timely feedback on pressure, angle of compression, timing and depth. Our AR team developed an augmented reality application for Microsoft's HoloLense and integrated with a modern CPR manikin that allowed CPR trainees the ability to receive meaningful feedback in realtime for enhanced technique retention. The application uses both color and sound cues to coach users through CPR training without distracting them.


Great innovation takes imagination, creativity, and way out of the box thinking.

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