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Our unique team approach ensures you have the Right A-Team Experts working with you to develop solutions that always deliver outstanding, measurable results. 

You always work directly with our team experts, every time and for the duration of the project or campaign - or ongoing for retainers.

As a true partner, we only charge by the project or retainer, using tiered pricing, so the budget we quote is guaranteed. Since we never charge by the hour, as your partner, you can contact anytime to discuss:

  • New ideas

  • Industry shifts

  • Brainstorm sessions

  • Latest innovations

  • Any other challenges on your mind

TIE Consulting Partners


Your Toughest





We also utilize our C.O.R.E. philosophy to maximize your budget with every client. C.O.R.E. stands for Create Once, Replicate Everywhere and is our proprietary team approach that allows us to:

  • Develop exceptional multi-channel marketing 

  • Create responsive design and development

  • Utilize rapid application development (RAD) for flawless execution

  • Do More With Less!

TIE Consulting Partners Solves Your Toughest Business Challenges:

  • Outstanding customer experience (CX) that increases engagement exponentially

    T!E helped a client increase customers by over 166% of their initial goal within 2 months.

  • Phenomenal new product and service launches that deliver exceptional results including increased collaboration between internal teams, better preparing them for the invasion of new sales

    T!E helped our clients increase their launch results while breaking down internal silos to reduce friction and increase margins. 

  • Innovative multi-channel strategies that cut through the noise, attracting your Ideal Target Customer (ITC) to deliver amazing results

    T!E has helped our clients increase Web conversions alone by over 35%.

  • Interactive training programs that raise learning retention by over 82% and increase sales call time by over 200%

    T!E has helped most of our clients increase their sales call time by over 200%.

Improving CX
Customer Experience

Contact Us Today with Your Toughest Business Challenges. 800-000-0000

Contact Us

TIE Consulting increases your business success by making every customer experience count using innovative solutions that create exceptional customer experiences across all channels and touch-points. 


Our services go beyond using the right tools and technology. We develop the right strategy using our team of thought leaders followed by flawless execution with continuous optimization using better than, best in class analytics.  


Contact T!E Consulting Partners today at 800-000-0000 to get your Free Project Evaluation and to start competing with exceptional experiences for your customers. 

Connected Technologies

Connected Technologies

Use new technologies to engage customers, develop new business models and gain greater insights.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Real-time customized experiences using AI, machine learning, chatbots, biometrics, and VR/AR.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

We help you differentiate by creating smarter personalized experiences that increase engagement.

Performance Vision

Performance Vision

We design exceptional experiences with a vision towards continuously improving performance.

Innovation & Strategy

Innovation & Strategy

Cutting edge innovation for Web and application development to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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