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About Us

Our team has over 200 years combined of diversified experience.


Trenton Beriont,

Chief Executive Officer

My Why: People often ask me when we meet, "Why and how did you get started in your business?" I tell them that as I was growing up, be it in sports or school or at college, I have enjoyed helping people achieve their goals.


This has carried over to my work life. As a business professional for over 25 years, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most innovative and creative minds in industry. I have had the benefit of being working for and leading teams in providing ground-breaking solutions to the challenges in the marketplace.  But one constant has remained the same. Listening has been the constant. Listening to clients as they explain a challenge they face in the market; listening to colleagues as they provide solutions and listening as the market rewards these efforts.

Some background on me: I have been successfully involved in multiple start-ups since I started my early career in the corporate sector working for the NY Times, The New Yorker magazine and then The Wall St. Journal, which is where I got involved in technology and technological implementation. I then joined as the East Coast VP and following a successful exit started my own consultancy, the Renascent Group where we provided consulting services to some of the leading life science companies globally.


Most recently I co-founded TIE which is a leading boutique consultancy.  We provide strategic insights and implementation to the life sciences industry.  Look us up online or give us call. 


Eric Markowitz 

President, Chief Innovation Officer

My Why: To provide innovative solutions for my clients so that they shine the brightest as they share their achievements with the world. 


Have you ever created or invented something? It’s an amazing feeling when you have that spark of “Imaginovation”. I’ve had that feeling many times throughout my life. Everyday I get up, its a new day of exploration, discovery, imagination, innovation - Imaginovation! I’m always thinking “how can we can do it better, different, innovative”. I never settle on what others usually do. That pushes me out of my comfort zone, forcing me to constantly learn and stretch my abilities. 


You could say its in my DNA. I began my career as a creative director, over 30 years ago, developing designs and campaigns for many of the Fortune 100. Over those years, I never stopped trying new experiences in all types of industries - exploring, learning, growing. That led me to create multiple innovative solutions including:

  • The first digital reprints system for Dow Jones & Co.

  • The first digital payment gateway using the worlds only unbreakable encryption

  • A secure consumer digital payment portal that won Best New eCommerce Encryption Protocol

  • The development of our C.O.R.E. philosophy

  • The development of AIM - Actionable Insights Metrics

  • And countless other innovations for our clients to help them shine...


I love Innovation! Innovation doesn’t care about your size or budget. It doesn’t discriminate. It can be small, even tiny innovations can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Anyone can innovate, but few do. In every position I’ve ever held, I’ve always been different, even uncomfortable for those around me who are just fine delivering the usual. I ruffle feathers and throw out the rules - you have to when you innovate. If you’re a kindred spirit, climb aboard! 


I hope you join me in my exploration of Imaginovation! Together we’re going to change the world. 


I also strive to innovate in my personal life:

  • Certified Master Life Coach

  • Black Belts in Karate, Kendo, Iaido

  • PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer 

  • Father to 3 amazing children

  • Husband to an amazing wife

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TIE Consulting Partners increases your business success by making every customer experience count using innovative solutions that create exceptional customer experiences across all channels and touch-points. 


Our services go beyond using the right tools and technology. We develop the right strategy using our team of thought leaders followed by flawless execution with continuous optimization using better than, best in class analytics.  


Contact TIE Consulting Partners today at 732-804-1472 to get your Free Project Evaluation and to start competing with exceptional experiences for your customers. 

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